Taking Radio into the 22nd century!
Sonic Panel Features

Current SonicPanel Revision number 2.4

SSL Player links - for sites like Tunein

Live DJ on air Widget - Shows who is on air (DJ's can out there FB, email, and istagram on it if they are given access to the DJ panel login link (See Below)

DJ Manger - Create, edit, and delete dj and if you want there is a special DJ panel that you can give certain privilages/accees to specific features and the dj's can drop and drag their own DJ pic for the DJ ON air Widget and here they can set the info for there widget contacts!

Custom Cover Image - use this to over ride IDV32 img tages and always display your stations logo pic on the player!

Sonic Panel Player with built in now playing, choice of light or dark color, and the ability to brand/put your station name right on the player its self!

Music Libary - Use to keep your files in the right areas (IE 70's music, Metal, etc) you can then drag music from any libary folder into one or more folders (1 mp3 can be in as many playlists as you want)

Drop & Drag MP3 Uploader - No longer need to use FTP your drag and drop your music in the musild libary folder you want! (uses a super fast DROP & DRAG uploader) (max 1,000 files per upload session)

Mutiable playlists - You can now have more then one plasy list and switch between then any time you want to!

Scheduled play lists - Ever wanted to schedule a pre-recorded show or may do a special hour of a band, well now you can create your playlist, create your music libary for it, upload your files then click schedule and set the day, time, frequancy, and some other options like weather or not to play you station id before, after (or both) you scheduled play list!

Record your DJ's shows - (note this option does use your auto dj space) Record and dhownload your dj's shows for air at a fruture time!

Voice Pro feature - type up to a max of a 70 character sentance choose from 22 Languages and click play now and with in 10-15 seconds Sonic Panel will say what you typed on air in the language you choose!

Say MicroPhone - (Sonic Panel owner panel only) you can use your Sonic Panel and your mic to record something and then it will play it on air with in 10 to 15 seconds!

Jungles/IDS/AD - here you can upload your Station ID, Promos, ADs and set it to play 1 or 2 (at random) after ever 1,2,or 3 songs (reccomend min after 3 songs unless your really proude of you station ID)..(Torchwoodhosting.com has requested the option to choose play X number of after X number of songs from the developer and he is working on the option)

Features that you dont see but are there

If your DJ on 2 differnt radio servers from the same host, the DJ names and password *MUST* be different the system will not let the same dj name and password be used on 2 sonic hosted on the same server. The Sonic Panel will check all Dj names and passwordS and return an error if a dj name OR passwords exist on the server!

If a DJ frogets their password to the DJ Panel and gets locked out after 5 tries, the DJ can still DJ but will have to wait for 1 hour for the ban to expire!

DDOS, port flood, and other server protections are in place on the Sonic Panel server