Data bases for DJ's
* For Sams or any other dj software with remote DB ability *

You can keep you sams db on our servers instead of having
them on your local machine and help speed up your machine because you!
Wont be running the database on your computer! If your computer creashes
you wont lose all of your music symbolic links (as long as your music was
stored on another hard drive that did not crash) all you do is reinstall
sams and put in the remote db info and poof your back up and able to dj
instead of hours or days!

We currently have support for Sams 3.5 online and working
Sams 5 or better can automatically use our databases!
Earlier versions
require us to manually build the tables for your sams version which we
will do for you if your interested in using this feature

The pricing below is for single person usage please contact us if you
would like pricing on a group discount on more then one DB!

Pricing $5.00 Monthly

*Sams is a registered trademark of Spacial Audio we do not sell or provide any support for sams products