Torchwood Auto DJ panel

Custom Written by us!
Cloud DJ is a simulated live source for SHOUTcast v1 Servers.

Intuitive, smooth, drag and drop user interface
for uploading your music!
Broadcasts in either MP3 format
64, 96, 128, even 320kbs
1 output encoder.
You can set the play list for shuffle or not,
also you can set it to record all your dj's or none
DJ's use a specific ip, port and username:passwaord
that you set up for them!
Drag & drop in-browser uploads!
DJ SHOWS can be recorded!

Single playlist in the basic version!

Remote DJ Broadcasting...
DJ manager for hiring dj's
Each DJ gets their own encoder password
Re-broadcast saved DJ recordings if you want to
Auto DJ on/off control
Displays current status & song info
and more
Torchwood Auto DJ system Pricing
100 listener 320kbs
Radio Server included in price!
Other size servers available for an additional amount!
System Type Disk Space Approx # of songs** Monthly Price CLICK TO ORDER
Basic Auto
5 GB 500 $25.00

5 GB 500 $35.00 Coming in 2017!

Basic Auto
Bring your own server
5 GB 500 $5.00

** APPROX # of songs depends on the length of the song and the bitrate that it is encoded at! This is only and estimate and not meant to be a set in stone value!

NOTICE: This Auto DJ system was custom written by torchwoodhosting!

Setup can take a few hours up to 12 hours after payment is received, depending on when
you ordered and if were available as this is a manual configured item!
No deferred due dates or extensions can be given on these servers or DJ system(s), your invoice *MUST* be paid on time!
NO REFUNDS or credit will be issued for these products!