LivewebDJ panel

Your auto dj in the cloud!
Cloud DJ is a simulated live source for SHOUTcast v1 & v2 Servers.

Intuitive, smooth, drag and drop user interface
Optional accessible interface for the visually impaired
Broadcasts in either MP3 or AAC+ format
22Khz, 44.1Khz & 48Khz Sampling rates supported.
1 output encoder included.
Crossfading between songs with customizable settings
You can set crossfade length & crossfade threshold.
Track silence trimming feature (optional) can help eliminate gaps between songs.
Easy uploading of your songs
Drag & drop in-browser uploads
FTP uploading
Import tracks from your DropBox or your Google Drive
Create your own playlists...
Create as many playlists as you'd like
Shuffled & ordered playlists supported
Set per-playlist separation rules.
Create events to play ordered playlists at a specific date/time
Create your own clockwheels...
Create as many clockwheels as you'd like
Customize the format of your station
Clockwheels can optionally start over at the top of each hour
Create events to switch between clockwheels at a specific date/time
Remote DJ Broadcasting...
DJ manager for hiring dj's
Each DJ gets their own encoder password
Automatically record broadcasts
Re-broadcast saved DJ recordings if you want to
Scheduled events...
Events are scheduled in your local time zone
Play an ordered playlist (ie Scheduled Playlist)
Blackout DJ Access
Disallows a remote DJ broadcast during blackout
Live Dashboard...
Main station on/off control
Displays current status & song info
Displays an upcoming song queue
Re-arrange, add-to & remove tracks from queue in real time
Flush queue with one click Current time clock & next event countdown timer at top of interface Integration...
Tweet song titles directly to your Twitter account Integration...
Synchronizes your station's song titles with your listing
Listeners will see current artist album artwork on player
Listeners can discover your station by searching for your artists
Listeners can browse your station playlist history on TuneIn mobile and
and more
LivewebDJ system Pricing
100 listener 320kbs
Radio Server included in price!
Other size servers available for an additional amount!
Disk Space Approx # of songs Monthly Price CLICK TO ORDER
20 GB 2,500 $45.00
50 GB 6,200 $55.00
100 GB 12,500 $70.00

Upgrade to up to 6 total output encoders for $10/Mo extra

NOTICE: This is a 3rd party Auto DJ system and there tech support takes a mininum of 24 hours to respond to ANY service ticket that may have to be put in, being a 3rd party we have no way to provide our excellent support we are at the mercy of their tech support department!

Setup can take a few hours up to 12 hours after payment is received, depending on when
you orderd and if were available as this is a manual configured item!
No deferred due dates or extensions can be given on these servers or DJ system(s), your invoice *MUST* be paid on time!
NO REFUNDS or credit will be issued for these products!