When you see the " " you know you're with a Trustworthy server company!
We provide the Best customer service that we can, the best services we can, and we strive to help make your radio server play the best quality with the least amount of issue and down time as possible!

Torchwood Hostings Own Auto Dj system for radio servers! Written by US!
Included features will be the ability to play Station IDs, Promos, Disclaimers, etc
and the ability to record your DJs and schedule shows to play around speicific times!
* The prices below DO NOT include a radio server! Those are sold seperatly!
10 GB Storage for $10.00 a month *
20 GB Storage for $15.00 a month *
30 GB Storage for $20.00 a month *
40 GB Storage for $25.00 a month *

You DO NOT have to have a shoutcast server (from us) you can use another host for your radio as long as you turn off or disable their auto dj on that server!
However if you order a server 96kbs or better we will discount that server by 5% off the list price for as long as you have our new auto dj system!

We do what the Other hosting companies cant!
Or Wont do!